Apartmani Zorica


The village of Martinšcica, a picturesque and rather new settlement, is situated at the most gentle part of the coast of Cres, beside a large bay opened to the southwest. Its historical core consists of the church of St Martin with a Franciscan monastery dating from the 16th century and Castello of Sforza family dating from the 17 century. Presently, Martinšcica is an urbane settlement surrounded by rich Mediterranean vegetation whose economy is based on family and camping tourist trade.The uniquely beautiful beaches situated to the north of the settlement in unspoilt nature offer great opportunities for a high quality and active holiday. The villages of Miholašcica, Stivan and Vidovici, which gravitate to Martinšcica, are making their name increasingly recognizable in tourist trade.

* source ( http://www.tzg-cres.hr/)

martinscica panorama


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